Is Special Financing for You?

As a dealer who wants to remain competitive, you're interested in special financing. You know that special financing enables you to sell to more consumers. And you know these deals typically gross $500 to $1,000 more than your store's average. But, you may have reservations about special financing.

Perhaps you've heard that Dealer's are often exposed to risk for over 2 weeks while waiting for their money.
Maybe a dealer you know had contracts out to a Lender who then experienced financial distress.
Or you may know a Dealer who delivered a car that was totaled, stolen or confiscated before the Lender funded the deal.

These are risks that must be considered. In fact, these issues are exactly why Interim Funding Corporation was established. We believe that special financing should be as safe and easy as conventional financing. You'll be pleased to find that our program addresses all of your concerns.


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